Fear Not

Two words echo throughout the Christmas story, “fear not” they are the words Gabriel tells Mary when she learns that she will be the mother of God incarnate. They are the words Joseph hears in his dream about the child Mary was carrying. They are the words the angels speak in comfort to the shepherds who are the first to welcome the Christ into the world and worship him. However, we always fear, we fear the unknown. We fear for our well-being. We fear for our loved ones. We fear for the sake of ourselves. God tells us that we have nothing to fear. Jesus tells us that we are more precious then the lilies of the field and the birds of the air. So why do we? This series will focus on how we can learn to not fear as God wants us to, and to be bold when speaking with others about our faith and the Christmas message.

Fear Not: Mary
12/7/14, Pastor James Thomasson

Are you ready to do what God's called you to do without backing out? Today we learn through the eyes of a  young teenager named Mary who was told she would become pregnant with the promised Messiah.

Fear Not: Joseph
12/14/14, Pastor James Thomasson

Imagine being engaged to the girl of your dreams, only to find out that she's pregnant even before the two of you know each other? Today we learn through the eyes of a teenager named Joseph who  finds this out about his fiance only to be told in a dream by an angel that she is having the promised Messiah, and is pregnant through the Holy Spirit.

Fear Not: Shepherds
12/21/14, Pastor James Thomasson

Imagine being the lowest of the low in your community, so low, that your job makes you unworthy to be trustworthy. Imagine that your social status is such, that you're not even worthy in the eyes of the religious leaders to worship in the Temple. Now imagine, that all goes out the window when God sends angels to you to announce the Messiah is born. We learn through the eyes of the shepherds to fear not.